Let’s Make History by electing Sikh Americans!

America’s Promise will be the first national political organization to elect qualified Sikh Americans up and down the ballot across the country and push for Sikh issues in government.

By institutionalizing our political power, we will demand a seat at the table.

With Sikhs running for office across the country and our lack of representation, now is the time for our community to go all in. This also means supporting existing elected officials and aspiring candidates who understand, recognize, and advance Sikh issues.

Help elect Sikh Americans and candidates who support Sikh issues and embody values of freedom, justice, and equality for all.

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  • Elect Sikh American candidates at all levels of government. From local to federal office, we plan on supporting Sikh Americans in building political power in their communities and in Washington D.C. by professionalizing political infrastructure and capacity building for Sikh American candidates and staffers.

  • Build a community war chest and infrastructure for Sikh Americans running for local and higher office. We will conduct political candidate and staffer training; recruit Sikh Americans to run for office across the nation; and support candidates from all backgrounds that support Sikh American issues

  • Support candidates from all backgrounds who advance Sikh issues in government, regardless of political affiliation or background, including: Civil Rights; Human Rights of Sikhs; Sikhism as an Unbiased Item in School Curriculums; Getting Sikh issues on Local and National Political Platforms; and Combating Misinformation on Sikhs.